Meet the Team

Anthony Keenan

Having gained a degree in Fuel and Energy Engineering at Leeds University, Anthony went to London working for small and medium sized accountancy firms, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 1994 and as a Chartered Tax Adviser in 1998. Anthony met his wife, had two children then headed back up North, working as a tax adviser for KPMG. He became a senior tax manager with responsibilities in Manchester, Preston and Liverpool, undertaking large corporate and personal tax projects.

Anthony took the plunge in 2004 acquiring the practice with the aim of providing a quality service to quality clients. A wealth of tax and accounting experience ensures that Anthony knows when external help should be sort. What clients want is an accountant who acts as a sounding board, who offers good advice, who knows tax law and someone who recognises issues and knows how to help the client deal with them.

In his spare time Anthony tries to keep fit by cycling, playing badminton and going to the gym and by trying to stave off another mid life crisis - he is intent on learning to play the guitar - will his school violin playing experiences help!

Anthony is involved in a number of charities, the principal one being Fylde Coast YMCA, where he is Treasurer. Fylde Coast YMCA is a charitable organisation which hopes to provide opportunities to enable people and communities to achieve their full physical, social, cultural and spiritual potential. It has over 400 staff and operates gyms, swimming pools and provides education, training and housing to young and older people.

Anthony does not hide the fact that he believes social responsibility is important and is keen for staff to learn and develop their education. Keenan's have three students training to be Chartered Accountants and others on the Certified Accountants and Association of Tax Technicians courses.

Finally, other than his family, his other love is Liverpool Football Club. You can take him away from Liverpool but you can't take away the Scouser in Anthony. He has had a season ticket since the age at the age of 12 and still has one now! The passion has not dimmed but pragmatism has come to the fore. However, that's not to say a Premiership title would not be welcome.

Kyle Sherratt MAAT

Kyle joined Keenans in 2004 as a 17 year old. He is training to be a chartered accountant and works on a portfolio of clients.

Outside work he likes driving classic cars, especially when he can drive them fast! Films and TV take up the rest of Kyle's time, except for when he is studying hard for his exams of course.

Tom Holehouse MAAT

Tom has been with the company since October 2006 and deals with the most aspects of accounting: taxation, VAT, basic payroll, and administrative work. Tom has the ability to remain unflustered during the most frustrating jobs, passing on his calming influence to others through his (self proclaimed) witty humour. As an avid football fan he also enjoys occasional banter with Anthony about his assertion that Manchester United are better than Liverpool.

When Tom's done putting his mind to work at Keenans, he's putting his body to the test in the gym, sometimes he even cycles to work.

Carl Hodgkinson

Carl studied at Oxford before coming to work at Keenan's. We don't hold it against him. He, like others, prepares management and statutory accounts, payroll and VAT returns.

Other than always studying (I think not), he likes films, music and electronic games. Also attempting to learn to snowboard.

Jake Higson

Jake is a fairly new member of the team but has picked up the different aspects of accounting very quickly. We hope that by learning on the job he will continue to develop into an excellent accountant.

In his free time Jake plays cricket in order to stay fit as well as socialising with his friends at the weekend.

Bilal Shah

Bilal has also joined us recently and is our new go-to guy for technical knowhow. We hope that he will help to bring Keenan's habits up to date through use of new technology as well as fulfilling his normal role as an accountant.

At home Bilal runs his own e-commerce from his impressive 4 screen (soon to be 8) display.

Vicki Horn

Vicki is the person behind the friendly voice you here if you call us here at Keenan's. She is slowly taking on more responsibility as she gains experience with payroll and pensions.

After work Vicki spends time with her kids, she also likes to meet up with her sisters when she has the chance.

James Hart

James is another apprentice here at Keenan's and is studying to become an accountant. Once he is qualified he will have his own portfolio of clients to look after.

The gym is James' best friend after work, he is always pushing himself further and further and we hope this attitude will carry over to his studies.

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