Got your head in the clouds?

I was chatting to our marketing chap recently, and in conversation he said that he relies totally on the cloud his business. Now this interested me greatly as I’ve heard a lot of people mention it and thought it would be good to find out more. For instance what does the term “cloud computing” mean, and how can it help small business?

Simon (the marketing chap) pointed me to this article which featured on the BBC website in May 2010 – it explains all about it as well as highlights some of the drawbacks to the “cloud”.

One thing Simon also told me about is how he backs up all his data on the cloud via Dropbox – for FREE! Dropbox allows you to store and share your photo’s, documents, videos – you get 2GB of Dropbox free. If you need more space, 50GB is available for $9.99 per month.

For a review of some other online storage sites click here.

I’d like to know what you think about the “cloud”.  Are you using it?

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One Response to “Got your head in the clouds?”

  1. John Nerush says:

    Cloud based technology is fantastic and is only really becoming “standard” now for many businesses and individuals. Cloud technology has been around for a long time however without the internet connections we have today it caused more issues than it solved.

    I am also a fond user of Dropbox, I run my whole local web development server through dropbox, client files such as images and job spec’s and a backup of my most crucial files. This allows me to work on client websites anywhere in the world and on almost any device (including my smart phone!). It was nice to do some small tasks while in Turkey this year to come home and do no syncronisation or messing around, I knew that the files modifed in Turkey were already waiting for me on my home computer!

    Dropbox is just one of a few systems that enables me to manage my business without the need for a static location/office.

    I take full advantage of Google Docs and Google Apps, this gives me the ability to do office work, administration, invoicing etc and handle all of my 10 (yes 10!) email accounts without ever touching outlook. Google Apps is free for most people, if you need the full power then they charge around £3 to £5 per month per user, you recieve around 25Gb storage per email address! Cheaper and better than any Microsoft Exchange provider I have ever come across.

    Cloud computing is great and will only become more and more popular.

    Helpfull hint with dropbox, there are loads of ways to gain extra, free space by completing information, doing tutorials and inviting friends!

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